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Let's imagine a scenario where you need to display some data from a remote service to the user. Instagram, for example. You want to grab the 6 most recent posts, pass them through some theming, then output them into a block.

Autoloading of PHP classes was introduced in Drupal 7.

This article is a followup to Creating Tokens in Drupal 6.

I recently made the switch from Hostgator Shared hosting to a Linode instance, and WOW. It's amazing what you can do with a single (relatively small) box dedicated to serving up a single site.

One of the additions to Drupal 7 that went in without a lot of fanfare was the Queue API.

If there's one thing I've learned about upgrading Drupal sites, it's that you're going to have to do the same 50 steps over and over and over again to fix things as they fail. It's awful, tedious work.

With the rise of web applications, the web browser is being used for stuff that used to take a complex piece of software on the local computer.

Update 8/13/11 - For creating tokens in Drupal 7, see Tokens in Drupal 7.