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Articles from Stewsnooze

Over on the Full Fat Things blog we just published the entity decorator module which we think significantly improves the developer experience for dealing with entities.

Every so often with Pressflow and Varnish you might find that your anonymous users aren't being cached via Varnish.

If like me you use MacGDBp to debug your Drupal code then since upgrading to Snow Leopard your variable inspector window will basically show unitialized for all variables.

At we are building a decent sized Drupal site. I thought I'd do a dump of the modules we have so far using drush.

I want to try and get a hook_page_not_found() to Drupal 7.

I've taken this snippet from

I have found myself attempting to contribute to Drupal core more and more lately. So I wrote a shell script that gets me a fresh copy of head and applies a patch to it.