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Didn't realize just how beautiful San Francisco was until visiting.

On my way to the airport to hit up DrupalCon San Francisco!

I'm on my way to Washington, DC to attend the annual DrupalCon. I'm really excited to see everyone again, talk some geek, have some beers and, of course, learn a lot.

Next week marks the beginning of Do It With Drupal, the three day conference made of

Many of you know some of the unspoken rules of Drupal. But, I have a feeling that I have to reiterate them once more for everyone:

In listening to the pleading voices of many developers, the infamous Drupal 7 maintainer, webchick, just created the first unstable releas

There was some talk recently about releasing pre-alpha versions of Drupal 7 for development and testing purposes and this g

Everyone rejoice, as Dries has just committed the long standing D

One thing that has really blown up in the past two years is micro-blogging and the idea of sending little updates to a mass majority of people at once.