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In this episode we chat with Ivan Zugec at Drupal Down Under 2012 about his favourite bits of Drupal.

We talk with Bevan about his experiences at Drupal Downunder 2012.
Bevan discusses his highlights of Drupal Down Under.

In this episode we catch up with Simon Hobbs (sime).
Simon is quite well known in the Australian Drupal community.
Simon talks about the early days of Drupal in Australia with the beginnings of the meetups in Melbourne.

Just a quick update to all of those who were kind enough to participate in an interview with me during Drupal Downunder 2012 to explain what's happening with Drupal Yarns.

I've not forgotten you!

To help speed up debugging our development work we came up with a basic "go to" checklist.

After much success this became our 10 Drupal Commandments.

Let us know what your 10 Drupal Commandments are.

As numerous posts out there state, this is the way to programmatically add files into Drupal 7's file module tables.

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with Miguel Jacq (mig5) one of the maintainers of the Ægir hosting platform.

In this episode of Drupal Yarns we catch up with one of Australia's two nominees for the Drupal Association at-large Directors - Ryan Cross (rcross) (view the nomination).