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DesignMoo is a design based social News / Voting site that launched in June of 2009 and is built upon the Drigg For Drupal System.

DesignBump a popular social voting site for design related topics have just launched a great new modern looking design of their own.

Recently we had to convert a Drupal 6 based website Themestand over to WordPress v2.7 due to the amount of Database resources Drupal 6 was consuming on each page load, even for a pretty simple site we found Drupal very heavy on resources especiall

Continuing our series of Drigg for Drupal Tutorials today's tutorial will show you how to install and configure the External Vote Button Widget Module into your Drigg based social news web site that has been based on the Drupal 5 code base.

Due to several work related issues it has taken longer than expected for me to publish this second part in our "Build A Digg Clone With Drigg For Drupal" tutorial, but the wait is over as this is the second part you are now reading :).

With Drupal having won numerous awards and become the system of choice for many professional grade websites it's still surprising however that many new Social News (Digg Clone) projects choose to deploy the Pligg system in favor of Drigg for Drupa

Drupal is an open source CMS system (Content Management System) that allows anyone to build fairly complicated dynamic website applications.