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Registration for DrupalCon Paris opened this weekend, and already several sponsors have claimed coveted top sponsorship spots for the September 1-5, 2009.

Organizers of DrupalCon DC,  in the lead up to the event, asked Sun and the other event sponsors a few questions about their relationship with Drupal.  The first question was:

In his keynote at DrupalCon Boston on March 5 Brian Aker discussed the latest approaches to six problems related to scaling up MySQL:

Back now from DrupalCon, I'm parsing all that happened last week in Boston.  For me it was a whirlwind, interrupted by a plethora of hassles, including a nasty head cold, keyboard and trackpad on my MBP crapping out, a crashed demo, and several ho

Sitting in the Is Beauty Truth?

Last week Sun Developer Network posted a video interview with me that was taped way back in early October, in which Kuldip O

I'd never seen the reference outside of Sun before today, but there it was, in the conference program for DrupalCon Boston :