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The Drupal Association (D.A.) Board decided in May to update the eligibility criteria for voting in the

I'm currently serving as one of two community elected At-Large Directors on the board of the Drupal Association. The D.A.

Many of my longest friendships were born in the Drupal community.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Drupal Camp Asheville 2017 ('twas my fourth year in a row : ).

A friend of mine is a DUI lawyer who uses a Drupal site for content marketing and lead generation, managed by my friends at EverConvert

When I first wrote Ubercart's Cart module, we knew we were going to support both anonymous and authenticated shopping carts and checkout.

I've been privileged to attend almost every DrupalCon since Barcelona in 2007. I missed Paris in 2009, but I had a good excuse - my wife was due to give birth to our first child around the same time.

I don't like being sandy but I love building sand castles. The potential is high but the stakes are low.

Earlier this year I helped my friend Samuel bring his used cell phone resell business online using Drupal Commerce.

I accidentally started publishing open source software in 2006, the first integration of the QuickBooks Web Connector with anything.