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So this is cool. The Commerce guys and Microsoft teamed up and got a php pdo driver to work. The Commerce guys will be maintaining the Microsoft database integration module in contrib repo.

Contributing is about giving. People do so for many reasons but at it's core it is about giving.

While chatting in IRC the other night, I found that Adam Light and I will be on the same flight through Chicago on our way to Drupalcon. So, if anyone else is scheduled for United 534 leaving Chicago at 1:10pm leave a comment.

My session on documentation (Documentation - challenges, travails and myths) has been accepted and

This is the result of seeing one too many 'For Drupal to really succeed' posts. Drupal is already a success. There is certainly room to get better and grow more, but Drupal has already succeeded.

Now come the fun part.... whenaremymodulesgonnabeupgraded!

Up until this last weekend I did not have any plans to go to Drupalcon.

Volunteering for an open source project has been a learning experience.

I have experienced the kindness of strangers
I have been thanked for helping others

Small non-profits are in a bind. Despite the fact that they are small, they often need skilled technical services be it for computers or the need of a website.