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Its now time for the yearly election of 2 Drupal Community members to step on the Drupal Association board - Heres a quick n dirty run down & is why you have to vote: It has been decided that if you DONT vote for the Drupal Associations Commu

Today the Drupal association presented a new initiative for getting more students & grow the talent pool for the Drupal Project.

Apparently my reputation is not as bad as i have feared!

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This weekend we had the first Frontend United (FU) conferences- the logical successor to the European baased "Drupal Design Camp" thats the European answer to Design 4 Drupal, where we wanna focus harder on Developerment than on Design, cause you

So im here in Denver, all tired after a first great great day at Drupalcon here in Denver

The European Drupal Design Camp have now officially changed its name to "Frontend United"
This time its gonna be the epic city of Amsterdam, that will follow up the last 2 camps in Berlin & Prague

Hello IE7 it was nice knowing you - but Enough is enough so now from 2012 me or my company geek Royale wont support ie7 for clients unless they are willing to pay for that "extra service".