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Too many times I have written a post, got it ready to go, set up my Twitter module to tell the world, and then right after I hit submit, I realize that I forgot to add the Twitter hash

Just one month from today I'm going to get three days of hanging out with brilliant folks from a number of open source projects to talk shop, brainstorm and generally have a great time.

I know that we have done the issue queue work as a challenge already, the very first one in January as a matter of fact.

While I was at Drupalcamp Galway, Stéphane (scor) recorded an inte

I managed to get my hands on a pre-release version of a new Drupal book that just came out this week.

This past weekend I was in Ireland for DrupalCamp Galway.

We've been kicking butt with the doc challenges so far this year. Lots of work is getting done to clean up our handbooks. I really want to thank everyone who is chipping in, even if only for five minutes.

In my post last week I mentioned that we ha