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I received a most heart warming comment from a spammer the other day. To understand why it has affected me, you might first need a little background.

You may know me through my work with the Media suite of modules, and before that for my work with Embedded Media Field and

This is a tutorial I wrote for a friend, who asked how to get started in Drupal. I figured I might as well share it, sorry if this is too basic for most of you hacks...

Hands on is the best way to learn Drupal...

This past month I've been busy getting the Styles module ready for release.

Here is an idealized transcript of the recent Drupal Dojo session I did regarding the proposed D

This is probably late notice for many of you, but I'm going to give a presentation about Drupal Guilds today (Friday, Se

As KarenS predicted, there have been many Drupal-free nights from me this summer,