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Articles from Badzilla

Traditionally the open source Drupal CMS has been the mainstay of the corporate / NGO and charity market since it lends itself perfectly to the rapid development of websites in those sectors.

Subsequent to my earlier blog on installing and setting up the commercial InnoCompany Drupal 7 theme, it is now time to do something useful - set up the Piecemaker 3D slider which is based on Flash animation, with an XML configuration file.

This is a tutorial for installing and setting up the commercial InnoCompany Theme that retails for around $45 in the US (£32 or so in the UK). The theme offers a multi-purpose corporate solution, but my own use is to create a portfolio site.

This module extends the existing user_restrictions module by providing a mechanism for the bulk import of prohibited words in the screen name during user registration.

My magcat module for cataloguing magazines, which compliments my bookcat module (which is a dependency) has been promoted to alpha 2.

This module adds a configurable limit to how many nodes of any content type can be published at any one time.

This tutorial is intended for those planning on removing Apache as their Drupal web server, and replacing it with the high performance NGINX product (pronounced Engine-X) on an openSUSE 12.1 platform.

I have been coming up against the same Drupal 7 requirement over and over recently - the need to have a form in a block with a separate template file I can pass over to the front-end guy to weave his magic.

This module provides integration between the Drupal Webform module and Paypal donation buttons.