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Parsing HTML versus processing with regular expressions

Suppose you need to extract the URL from a bit of HTML markup like this:

Drupal home page

Do try this at home!

Check out my repository on GitLab:

Pega Community Documentation Page

Book navigation is nested several levels

Context conditions exist as if, then “statements” where

Disseminating the difference between content and taxonomy, "Did you say taxonomy or content type?" was presented at NEDCamp 2017.

Suppose the blog becomes popular. Maybe it gets enough traffic to generate some income.

Now, as I absorbed the horror of this colossal waste of company time, I was relieved to hear that we would not be reading the latest masterpiece from Nicholas Sparks, but rather books somewhat related to our work as a web design and development fi

Sharing Tips, Tricks, and Perspective for and of Drupal 8’s Configuration Management System, “Configuration Management: Tips, Tricks & Perspective” was presented at NEDCamp 2017.

Fortunately, the configuration system is flexible and supports a wide range of workflows. A database UI-driven workflow is well-suited to rapid site prototyping and content modeling.

Last summer, whilst I was on vacation, my staff plotted against me. It was a sneaky, devious plot intended to subterfuge my authority. They started a BOOK CLUB.