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Florida Drupalcamp is less than 2 weeks away and the time is now to plan your trip.

I've always leaned toward the agile development approach, but I didn't know all the terminology until reading Mark Cohn's book, User Stories App

At our recent Intro to Drupal training event, I was asked by a few people for a list of modules I recommend for every Drupal site.

Want to get new people excited about Drupal? The Global Training Days initiative is an exciting way to do so.

I have always been facinated by the idea of automation. Perhaps it's a pre-requisite of being a programmer, or maybe it's just what draws many of us to the field, but I have never liked doing the same thing any more times than necessary.

When I built my first Drupal site, I was really excited about how easy it was to just download modules, click through a bunch of pages to get everything functioning just the way I wanted it, then transfer everything to my server and have a live si

At the time I'm writing this, there are 15,708 contributed modules available on