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Because of moving the web site to the hosting platform, it became necessary for me to develop locally against the same server setup used on the deployment platform.

Drupal is a very powerful publishing system. In fact, it's pretty hard not to stumble across many modules which will help you create an awesomely powerful publishing platform.

When most people consider Drupal hosting, they're looking for a reliable host they hope isn't going to shut down over night.

Building a Drupal web site certainly can take a bit of time, especially when you've got a large number of users, roles and permissions. It's also very frustrating when users write in to say your web site is not working properly.

I remember when I first started with Drupal. There was just a handful of modules compared to today. I want to say something like 600 or so...

Twitter's great. SMS messaging is great. Even Instant Messaging is great.

Flash and its associated players are all the rage (actually have been for quite some time), except for with the iPad that is.

It's no coincidence the title of this video corresponds with exactly what you're probably trying to do with your Drupal site. Squeeze every bit of performance you can from whatever server you're on.

There's a mistake I've made which a few others have made too. The mistake is rushing into your new Drupal site and populating your menu right away. You simply add new menu items as placeholders until you can create or add the data.

While trying to think of what to write, regarding Drupal taxonomy, it was my kids’ story