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With the advent of Google search auto-complete, it seems like auto-complete should be everywhere.

It has been a bit since a blog post has rolled out, but I have had my head down finishing some fun Drupal projects. But I intend that to change for a couple reasons.

Last month I received a ditigal copy of Drupal 7 First Look

It is the new year and I decided I needed to clean off my desk, and since it looked so clean, I snapped a quick picture.

If you haven't seen it yet (ie you are reading Drupal Planet through a feed reader), then head over to check out the new home for the Drupal project.

In the last two weeks I have come across three different venture backed groups that are trying to help sites 'Gamify' their member interactions.

I am willing to admit that I am not cutting edge guy, and neither is the company I work for. I keep up to date on new modules and processes, but rarely try out alpha labeled modules.

Recently I received a review copy of Drupal 6 Ultimate Community Site Guide (2nd edition) and I jotted down some notes as I went through the book.

In a recent project update to our RV Parks site we wanted to add some Facebook integration points.

Coming out of the SF DrupalCon Cloud Hosting session, I had been looking for a hosted Mercury solution.