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Having spent the better half of the last year within the PIFT/PIFR issue queues, chasing the holy grail of sustained testbot stability, I find myself reaching a bit of a crossroads.

Following up on my PIFT 6.x-2.7 Released post, I'd like to take a moment to walk you through another new feature which was introduced with the rollout of the new code.

We are pleased to announce that PIFT 6.x-2.7 has been released, and is now deployed on PIFT stands for 'project issue file test', and is the d.o component of Drupal's automated testing infrastructure.

We had just shy of a dozen people get together for a BoF meet at BADCamp last weekend.

This is the second post in series regarding Drupal's New Project Application process. The other posts in this series can be found here: Part 2 Part 3

Okay, I'll admit it ... PIFR isn't the sexiest, flashiest, or most widely used Drupal module in existence.