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Compass makes CSS so much easier and and also makes it very easy to make sure your CSS is complete. With embedding and the CSS3 plugings taking advantage of newer CSS3 features and have them fallback in much nicer ways.

One function that I had always seen and never found a good use for is array_walk().

I just recently finished a project where they were using the abbrfilter. When I set up my local copy I found that it just wouldn't work at all.

When working with a friend of mine, he kept asking me the arguments for functions, and when I told him to try api.drupal.org or my favorite drupalfunctions.com he told me that sometimes it is not the case and what he wanted to know was what was re

A couple of days ago I started my first Drupal 7 site for a client, and while I was doing that I was listening to the latest Lullabot podcast and Angie was talking a little about the Drupal 8 (very briefly) and about what Larry Garfield was planni

Working on an import of some content for a client I have found that some things were not working such as auto node title.