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Articles from Iskra

I keep meaning to write shorter blog posts. For once this one is easy to write as a short piece.

Finally upgraded this site from Drupal 5 to 6. There's nothing special in that, it all went very smoothly and I just changed the theme again.

I've recently been spending more time getting Drupal sites served to survive the storm.

It's been a really busy four months but it's just great to see go beta with Drupal.

I'm just finishing something of a large migration from an old Xoops site to Drupal. I've not had to get too down and dirty with the Xoops database, for which I'm quite happy as it wasn't so coherent after lots of upgrades and customisations.

One of the issues with user generated content multi-lingual sites is that content will often be in only one language, or maybe translated into a few others.

A first part of many about feeds.

It's sometimes really cool to be able to share some of the tables between multiple Drupal sites. Just think your users have the same logins for example.

OK, I'm not sure if you actually want to do this, but I thought I would try to see if you can do it.