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I recently started a new development position with Blink Reaction so I needed to get somewhat serious about setting up a local Drupal development environment.


I’ve written a lot about the work I do for Akiban with Drupal in the past and many people would ask if Akiban was open source software.

I previously wrote about how to install Drupal 7 completely on Akiban.

After my post yesterday testing the field storage layer, a commentator pointed out an alternate SQL storage module that

I had some spare time this weekend and decided to do some tests with the field storage layer. I really just wanted to re-produce the results Moshe Weitzman published a while back.

Last week, I published an article on how to install Drupal 7 with Akiban as the backend database.

Dries recently published a post highlighting some work we’ve done with a particular customer in the Acquia cloud.

I’m relatively new to Drupal internals and most of the work I do is on the database side. While searching for information on Drupal’s schema, I found very little.

One of the new features in Drupal 7 is that it supports sending queries to a read-only slave database. Since version 9.0, PostgreSQL supports replication natively.

Its tough to come across much information about running Drupal on PostgreSQL I find beisdes the basics of installing Drupal on PostgreSQL. In particular, I’m interested in comparisons of running Drupal on PostgreSQL versus MySQL.