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End of April - #DrupalCares pledge matched, $3000 total raised!

Friend and former colleague Chris Urban and I will be presenting the results of the 2020

Presenting on Drupal Dev Environments and Migrations at CMS Philly on May 1st

Donating $1 per like (matched to $3) to the Drupal Association


Like many of you, my life has changed because of open source software. Drupal, in particular, is the first open source project I became deeply involved in, and my income from Drupal work has supported my family for years.

Install Drupal Coder and PHP CodeSniffer to your Drupal project to lint PHP code

In the official Coder Sniffer install guide on Drupal.org, it recommends installing Coder and the Drupal code sniffs globally using the

tl;dr: Docker's default bind mount performance for projects requiring lots of I/O on macOS is abysmal. It's acceptable (but still very slow) if you use the cached or delegated option.

Revisiting Docker for Mac's performance with NFS volumes