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The kind folks at Packt Publishing have decided to send me a copy of the newly published

Recently I integrated the nifty jQZoom jQuery plug-in into a client's site built on Drupal 5 and Drupal e-commer

Role Weights finally gets a bit of loving in the form of a 5.x-1.4 release with a couple of new features, namely

Simple bit of Drupal module code from yesterday: permissions are provided for each node type which can have attachments, providing a more granular permission set based on node type.

Sometimes we'd like to list users who have registered with a Drupal site, but haven't been placed into any proper roles yet via subscriptions, purchases, membership approval or whatever.

Try this join query to get started:

Come on people, STOP IT! You know who you are.

Just a quickie - embedding views in PHP snippets etc. Sometimes blocks or panels don't quite cut the mustard and we need to directly insert a view via some PHP.

At last! There were a couple of sacrifices, but I've gone all 6.2!

First up, congratulations everyone on the release of Drupal 6.0!