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Yesterday we saw profile images get into

The Internationalization suite of modules do a pretty good job of making everything translatable in Drupal 7.

There are many great things about working for OpenConcept, but two that I appreciate in particular are the homemade lunches we take turns making for everyone and share each day, and the fact that we are encouraged to follow our own interests.

Yes, all of the attention is on Drupal 8. D8, will be amazing! It totally makes sense that when folks talk about Core development that they think about the latest version.

We need to find better means to nurture those people who code, document, and design for Drupal!

It is really, really embarrassing that a kid in elementary school could hack into any government computer system, however a

We've been doing a lot of work recently building a best practice guide on security and wanted to be able to send our clients a simple list of principles that are written in p

There are lots of ways to set up a enterprise server environment for Drupal, but in dealing with IT folks who are coming from other Content Management Systems (CMS) or worse static sites, there is an asumption that for an organization to have cont

OpenConcept believes in the importance of community & the power of open source. Drupal is a great software product, but the community behind it is bigger and better than the software itself.

We're going to begin a small experiment in using Flattr to help support our work with the Drupal community.