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I'll be heading out to Denver to give a Sunday keynote at DrupalCamp Colorado.

On Monday, I will fly out for DrupalCON Portland. This will be my 14th (!) DrupalCON, dating back to 2006.

There was some question whether I would attend. For the record, Morten was wrong: I will be there.

Back in July 2012, I wrote about Aaron Winborn's diagnosis with ALS.

I'm packing up to get on a plane for Munich -- for the second time in the last year, in fact. Really anticipating a great week. Munich is a great city, and Drupal events are full of great people.

I'll be going on a bit of a tour later this year. Starting to fill my schedule with DrupalCamps.

In most cases, I'll be talking about Workbench for Drupal 7.

For those of you using Domain Access, you'll recognize the problem: You need domain-specific settings.

I see that voting for sessions is coming up fast (on 16th Feb). I actually submitted my two solo talks early, at the request of the organizers.