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A while back Robert Douglass had written a great guide to setting up Acquia Dev Desktop to use Xdebug on Mac OS X.

When you work with the great folks I do every day it comes as little surprise that when the stuff hits the fan and some site is in need of help there will be a legion of folks who jump into round-the-clock action to get things in a better place.

From the opening session of Drupalcon London. This is a handheld video but you get the idea and hopefully a more complete video will be recorded at some point. This video shot from a handheld phone isn't the greatest but you get the idea.

A little over a year ago I blogged about moving to using a Drupal Planet tag to determine which posts about Drupal get posted on Drupal Planet.

Last weekend the fantastic folks at the Seattle Drupal User's Group (SEADUG) put on a fantastic Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit at the Adobe campus in S