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You know the drill

Just finished upgrading this site. The upgrade went well on my test server and fortunately it also went well here. There was some odd issue with phpMyAdmin's backup though.

Planet is some RSS aggregator written in Python we're using over at Planet Inkscape. But maybe I should start at the beginning.


  • offset shift fixed

The offset for the next turn wasn't adjusted. Now it uses arrays and replaces the the whole lot at the very end. Well, weird code leads to silly mistakes. ;)

I checked out the Video module for Drupal, but it doesn't really look like what I need. I prefer a 1:1 mapping for screencasts, which allows you to read menus and dialogs easily. Youtube doesn't really cut it.


  • tab size per format
  • spelling+grammar
  • short tip updated
  • long tip updated

New Features:


A rough overview of the visible improvements:
Ye, I guess I'm pretty happy with it now. :)

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