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Here’s a pretty basic css technique I’ve noticed myself using a lot of lately (not at all my own invention). The divs used as examples come from zen theme.

The CCK ‘display fields’ settings are very useful for theming nodes by content type, but I often find myself having to get further into customizing node output field by field.

I often find myself needing to get rid of some of the sections on Drupal’s ‘My Account’ page. Not every site needs it to say ‘History: Member for 1 day’ for example, and if you use a lot of contributed modules that screen can get cluttered fast.

If you work freelance like I do, you know that time is money. I’m always trying to shave a few more seconds off my development time. Here are a few tips and tricks that I constantly use: is the website for the The Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley. Chromatography is a discipline of chemistry which is used to separate mixtures for analysis.

One project I’m currently working on which is already live is

I am loving this drupal 6 teleport module. Thank you ‘incidentist’. It really is quicksilver for drupal.

I just got back from Portland where I took Lullabot’s advanced drupal development course.

Over the past year I’ve devoted myself to drupal development and a new site made in drupal has been long overdue.