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I admit that I haven't really looked at Drupal 8 too much yet. There is a variety of reasons why I haven't and I surely don't want this to turn into a forum listing the pros and cons of D8. We can leave that for another post. 

A question on the PSU DUG Slack channel got me thinking. How is it that websites are still being constructed at Penn State without any thought being put in as to how its is going to be maintained? Or by whom?  

Accessibility is a big deal! Good, now that that’s in the teaser for this let’s dig in.

ACCESSIBILITY IS A BIG DEAL - But not everyone knows how to help or what to do

I had a question the other day on twitter as to if it’s possible to run drush sites aliases in parallel.

It’s been a few months since I first mentioned the Git Book module here on DPE. I haven’t done much with it since but was able to scrape together a rather epic sprint today.

This is a Video post that shows how easy it is to whip up ELMSLN on an EC2 instance. Please at least use a t2.small instance as ELMSLN requires 2GB of memory for mysql of it's processing during automation.


A quick update on an issue I had with an Open Layers map and replacing the OL modules with Leaflet and

In order to push education, we’ve needed to at times bend Drupal to our will.

Using drupal_static() on your helper functions is a great habit to get into when developing your modules. Drupal static ensures that your function will only run through its logic once during the bootstrap process.

The ELMS Learning Network team is seeking to not only transform education, but also the concept of content and how you can interact with a CMS.