I just had to say thank-you for Drupal. I recently moved two of my sites over to Drupal. is running on Drupal 4.5.2 and How-to-box is running on the cvs version. Both are doing extremely well. - a world community for web developers, is moving to Drupal, from their custom built Cold Fusion CMS.

Jonathan Chaffer, long time Drupal core developer, has written up a long description about Drupal Progra

By now you may have heard of, a project that connects a Drupal-powered front end with the unlimited storage and bandwidth of the In

This is the third theme by designer Chris Messina (a.k.a. is a Drupal powered site focused on changing the way the news becomes news. Imagine that you are walking down the streets of Manhattan when a trailer drives by with the group U2 jamming away.

The presentations at the Drupal conference on February 26th are available now as audio and video files. The video files are encoded with the multimedia codec Ogg Theora. currently carries a story by its author Dries Buytaert where he compares the popularity of CMSes (and blogging systems and for

Using Alexa, a traffic ranking service from Amazon, I compared's traffic with the traffic of other Free and Open Source content management sy