Another round of Drupal quickies for those who don't have the time to keep on top of all the recent happenings in Drupal land.

In this thread one can post working PHP code to be put in a block. You can copy the code in a new custom block on your Drupal site.

Over the past weeks I've been working on extending the project module and CVS module.

Just a thread to show what sites have been under extreme load from for example slashdot.

After using XOOPS for the past year and using Mambo for another site, I discovered Drupal via the site. I have a few sites, but I decided to pilot Drupal on my personal web site, Nautis Project.

In preparation of the Drupal 4.6.0 release, development of Drupal core will be frozen on February 1th. During the initial stage of the code freeze, documentation updates, usability improvements and performance improvements will be accepted.

I am interested in spearheading the development of a module that allows the creation of quizzes, administers them and keeps records of users' performance.

I realise that I'm likely to get a biased report from here, but I'll ask anyway - how does Drupal stack up to Mambo? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Exactly four years ago, on January 15th 2001, I released Drupal 1.0.0. The following snippet is taken directly from the original announcement: