Myself and the rest of the Vancouver Bryght crew are at Gnomedex 2005.

Welcome to this month’s Drupal Newsletter! Last month, released Drupal 4.6.1 which fixed a serious security vulnerability. All users are recommended to update .

Travis Christopher has done an awesome job of designing an initial Drupal for Education (DrupalED) logo. Want to give feedback?

We are in need of a new leaflet/pamphlet design for OSCOM, etc.

Google is sponsoring the Summer of Code and Drupal is proud to be a mentoring organization. Drupal and the successfull student applicants have been awarded 11 projects.

Dries and I have been working on a chapter for an edited collection in my field, Computers and Writing.

The Drupal ad for the Free Software Magazine, designed by the Drupal community, has been finalized.

Robin Good has published an extensive (93 page) review of group blogging software. He very clearly identifies the features and functionality that is important to group blogging as well as several scenerios where group blogging is used.

As reported last week, we have been offered one full-page ad in the Free Software Magazine.