I released a first version of my Drupal security.module yesterday.

In preparation of the Drupal 4.7.0 release, development of Drupal core will be frozen on September 1st. As of September 1st, the focus is to strengthen the code base's performance, usability and stability.

We had our first face-to-face meeting on Friday regarding the formation of a foundation to support the further growth of Drupal.

Welcome once again to the Drupal Newsletter! You’ll be happy to know we haven’t had to cut back for the summer (although the heat has made us slightly slower ;-) ).

You do not need programming skills, just a fair amount of Drupal experience and some time. There are a large number of older bug reports marked CVS that have not been closed out over time ago and may no longer be relevant.

There has been a surge of interest lately to try and create Drupal-driven artist and music websites. I know many members of the Drupal community have been frustrated in trying to leverage Drupal for art and music websites because:

Lots of good news for the Drupal project:

The Drupal community has been growing steadily over time, and recently started to outgrow our shared, single server system (Pentium Xeon 3Ghz with