One of the cool benefits of the watchdog module is being able to see what caused a page error on your website and when it happened, and the IP that did it.

I understand Drupal is licensed under GNU/GPL. I wonder if it is allowed to use Drupal as part of a commercial service. E.g. can we host a Drupal-based site as part of a service we offer our customers?

The past month we have been hard at work getting ready for the Drupal 4.2.0 release; we have been squashing bugs and made small improvements all over the map.

Dries has approved a new Drupal mail list to be used for working on ways to improve the Drupal user experience. As his email to the Drupal-develop list explains:

Charlie Lowe announced that he assembled a group of writing teachers interested in using Drupal in education.

First a site I like:
It is very clear what is what and easy on the eye.

In testing 4.2 today, I was using the user profile module. Then I decided to write my own custom user data module, and stop using the Drupal supplied profile module. That worked fine, but in testing it, I was examing the database.

The code freeze for the Drupal 4.2.0 release has begun. As of now, no new features or functionality is being added. Just bugfixes.

I would appreciate the comments of those experienced with this CMS with respect to its suitability for a project I must implement.