Update: an installer finally got into Drupal 5

I wrote up a document that talks about Drupal Permissions Control.

My name is Willy Smith, and one of the hats I wear is as webmaster for SSC (publisher of Linux Journal, among others).

I'm a recent convert to Drupal after running my site based upon JSPWiki for about a year. I'm currently running a fairly simple site ( using the wiki module.

Last night I fiddled a bit with the forum module and's forum module in particular. I started off by reorganizing the forum structure to better address the needs of our growing community and to make sure the forums are well-balanced.

Over the past weeks, Drupal HEAD has become increasingly more stable. That is not to say that everything is well tested or that there are no bugs left.

Exactly 3 years ago on January 1th 2001, Drupal 1.0.0 was released. To celebrate both this event and the start of a new year, the Drupal project is pleased to release version 4.3.2 of its open source content management platform.

With New Year around the corner people are looking back at 2003 and predicting what will happen in 2004. Well, what are your Drupal predictions for 2004? What lies ahead for Druplicon?

Drupal now supports the Atom syndication format 0.3, a XML-based content and metadata syndication format.

The Drupal developers have been little busy bees ever since the new development branch has been created about 1.5 months ago.