We upgraded from Drupal 4.3.0 straight to Drupal HEAD. So in good Drupal tradition, we are once again using the development version of Drupal on

The Drupal project has released version 4.3.1 of its open-source content management platform today. There are no new features in this installment, just fixes bugs from the 4.3.0 release.

Drupal: powerful, modular and extensible

Now that 4.3.0 is released, I think it might be a good idea to start assessing usability issues. I have particularly noticed that there needs to be some attention paid to issues introduced with new features.

Today, I have been approached to help migrate a Zope based system to Drupal. After removing some superfluous contrib-modules, the main task was to transplant the 660 existing users to the new system.

Lately the *#@#$#@ SPAMmers have been harvesting email addresses off of my website. I know it's the only place possible that they could have picked up the email addresses, because I have posted it absolutely no where else.

The bug tracking system used on just got a major upgrade. There are a lot of changes, but the biggest change is contributed modules and themes getting their own project area.

I met with a Presidential campaign yesterday. They asked me to advise in general on their web site, but when we got into our discussion, I learned they were doing the static html thing.

Recognizing that while many Open Source projects are powerful but lack ease of use, the Drupal project today announced Drupal 4.2.0, a substantially enhanced and re-organized version of the Drupal open source content management platform with a spe

I was wondering something about Drupal support.