I realise that I'm likely to get a biased report from here, but I'll ask anyway - how does Drupal stack up to Mambo? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Exactly four years ago, on January 15th 2001, I released Drupal 1.0.0. The following snippet is taken directly from the original announcement:

The Drupal project has released version 4.5.2 of its open-source content management platform. Drupal 4.5.2 is a maintenance release that provides corrections of problems reported using the bug tracking system.

Well, I admit that I've been rather latent with providing any progress on the node creation mockup stuff, and I do apologize... it hasn't necessarily been for lack of effort.

After some time of silence, I have just finished and uploaded version 4.5.1-1 of my Drupal .deb.

We had been looking for a "Content Management System" for quite a while, and one of our employees discovered Drupal while researching CMS software on the web.

We have successfully pulled together the logistics, funding, and developer support needed to hold our first worldwide Drupal conference this year.

Last year around New Year we had an interesting thread where I asked people to look back at 2003 and to share some

A second round of Drupal quickies for those who don't have the time to keep on top of all the recent happenings in Drupal land. Just don't get used to them.

Over the past few months, the spam module has evolved from a simple idea to a fully functional collection of tools that can automatically deal with spam comments and other spam content