Planet currently carries a story by its author Dries Buytaert where he compares the popularity of CMSes (and blogging systems and for

Using Alexa, a traffic ranking service from Amazon, I compared's traffic with the traffic of other Free and Open Source content management sy

I've played with Drupal for a few days now, and while I don't have a public site up yet, I'm starting to get my bearings. So I thought I'd write a little bit about my initial Drupal experience while it's still fresh in my head.

I am somewhat proud to announce that a Drupal article written by me has been published by the German Linux journal Linux-Magazin.

I just found out today that main development by the original authors of HTMLArea has been discontinued.

I have been readying the next version of PHPTemplate for the 4.6 release (the RC should be out very soon now). You can get this in CVS now, but it is NOT meant for 4.5.

Greetings from Brussels!

Those who have visited Spread Firefox will know that it has a very nice theme, designed by Chris Messina (a.k.a.