I would appreciate the comments of those experienced with this CMS with respect to its suitability for a project I must implement.

This past weekend, I converted Open Education from PostNuke to Drupal 4.1 using the conversion script posted by david@puntba

Someone just referred me to this yesterday. The Easy News Topics RSS 2.0 Module might be potentially useful for connecting Drupal sites.

I was thinking about the recent post on the expanded capabilities of the import.module in CVS.

I have created a module which integrates the Ekit HTML editor (see into Drupal.

Can anyone tell me if there is a release schedule for the upcoming CVS HEAD branch? I've poked around in the forums but couldn't find anything. It appears that this site uses something later the 4.1. How stable is this release?

Admittedly, I'm new to Drupal and just getting the hang of all its functions, but when I read this article at Boxes and Arrows, I immediately

Now, I have stopped counting how many instance of Drupal I've installed! It must be well over 2 dozen in the last year. I love Drupal but the installation process is not easy and is repetitive.

I just posted this to my drupal site and thought someone might be interested in this particular way of using RSS to push content from one drupal site to another:

I published an article in Library Journal on Knowledge Logging and News Feed aggregation that mentions Drupal a few times.