htmlArea is a WYSIWYG editor to replace textareas.

I am currently evaluating software for use as a part of website for parents and children engaged in home-schooling via a charter school.

Hugo Espuny has been working hard to prepare the Drupal 4.1.0 Debian package which is now part of Debian's uns

I'm wondering about the practical outer limits of what drupal can handle. I have a client who currently has a site with about 40k regular users, and wants to blog-enable them.

We put a task list in place. So if you want to help out but don't know where to start, take a look at the task list.

It seems that the very promising Google module's development is dead. The module was build directly after Google API's were opened and was - at that time - state of the art.

In busy forums, moderation can be a useful tool for gently enforcing good behavior. Drupal is pretty flexible in its support for moderation, but it could go farther to make moderation more effective.

Can anyone give some really good reasons NOT to use Drupal as the sturcture for my school district's Intranet?

Also, does anyone know where else I can post this question to get good feedback?