OSCOM 4 is the fourth conference of OSCOM (The international association for Open Source Content Management), where all kinds of content management framework authors and users meet.

In preparation of the Drupal 4.5.0 release, Drupal development has been frozen. However, I'm going to make an exception for the proposed document management and theme system changes.

If my timing is right, you are now reading the 10000th item posted on! This count includes everything except comments, which means forum topics, project issues, book pages, images and stories.

It has been a while since the last Drupal 4.5.0 status report so the following is a summary of the key aspects we have been working on since the

There is an interesting performance comparison of different CMSes over at

I'd like to freeze the development version of Drupal on August 15 in preparation of the Drupal 4.5.0 release.

A summary for the Drupal community

Next week, I'll be presenting with three others on Drupal at the 2004
Computers and Writing Conference
. My part will be to present an introduction

A few weeks ago I started capturing some notes about areas of Drupal where I think we can make some usability improvements.

On May 13, Movable
Type announced
that with version 3.0 they would be "Getting Their Pricing