Our beloved Druplicon has been found on many places; on t-shirts, on posters, on book covers, on magazine covers and on flyers.

FINALLY finished the captcha.module for drupal. This is ONLY a first draft, lots of improvements to happen. Features:
* ability to protect any drupal form

Drupal "4.7 Beta 4": was just released, and the "patch": to

Just in time for DrupalCon 2006, Vancouver, the Drupal development team is pleased to announce the fourth beta release of Drupal 4.7.0!

Just a few final things for the upcoming conference in Vancouver:

11 people showed up and at least 11 issues were worked on. This event is easily repeatable. All you have to do is:

Has anyone ever put

The first of our weekly Drupal podcasts is now online. This episode is an intro to Lullabot and what we do along with a cursory overview on the current state of Drupal.

Today, five years ago, Drupal 1.0.0 was released! The following snippet is taken directly from the original announcement:

Attention all DrupalCon Vancouver attendees and session moderators: we have a shiny new site!