I am pregnant (woohoo!). In six short months, I will be disappearing from active duty in the Drupal community for a good long time.

Due to just some plain sillyness, I did a search for "THE" using Google.

GUADEC, the GNOME desktop users and developers international conference, is moving to a Drupal based website.

You might have already noticed, but I'll re-iterate nevertheless: the Drupal project has released Drupal 4.6.4 and 4.5.6 which fix three se

Hello, I'm Piotr Krukowiecki, aka Cvbge, your new (for almost three months) PostgreSQL maintainer. As some people have noticed, there was a poll running on last week. is a group of blogging professionals who write about how to blog. They use Drupal.

For those of you not subscribed to the development mail list and are curious, (why are you not subscribed if you are interested?) the conditions for Dries rolling a release candidate are now announced below.

Following Drupal's involvement in the Google Summer of Code program, Robert Douglass was interviewed by Liz Gannes of Red Herring magazine.

Testing Drupal's "GMap module": with my latest trip's return itinerary: