This is to announce the formal creation of a Security Team for Drupal that will be lead by Karoly Negyesi (chx).

I upgraded to the latest development version of Drupal and installed simplenews, a newsletter module for Drupal written by

The success of an open-source project such as Drupal largely depends on the quality (and efficiency) of the support that community members offer to each other.

Well, I keep thinking we need 'Now what' articles. People familiar with web design and mid sized to large corporate sites know what to do to build sites. Folks new to Drupal and CMS's in general get stuck. Sort of a 'Now what' happens. is proud to announce the launch of their new web site using Drupal’s upcoming 4.7 codebase.

Icon is a Digital Living guide published each Saturday in Australia's The Sydney Morning Herald (for Sydney readers),

Just a note to anyone who is interested.